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Accelerate Crop Improvements with PhotosynQ

PhotosynQ helps plant scientists and farmers to make informed decisions on crop performance by providing state of the art easy to use instruments that track Photosynthesis efficiency, and actionable analytical tools for ​Precision Farming.​ Learn More

MultispeQ V 2.0 Instrument

What is PhotosynQ?

what is photosynq

Are you wondering how PhotosynQ can help you?

Here are some user stories to help you decide.



for Plant Breeding

Jim is a plant breeder at a leading Agricultural University in North America. Over the past 20 year…

A drawing in blue, green, grey, & white tones showing two people at a table discussing a presentation on a wall behind them with a leaf, pie chart, bar graph, carbon molecule, and more.
A drawing in blue, green, grey, and white tones showing two scientists, one holding an oversized DNA strand and the other holding leaves.


for Genomics

Kara, a well-known geneticist, has studied genomic and phenomic interactions through her research...

PhotosynQ for Forestry

Henry is passionate about plants and keeping forests healthy. Over the last few decades, Henry and other foresters...

And image in blue, green, grey, and white tones showing a person holding a laptop in the arms standing in front of a forest with Multiple trees having lost leaves interspersed with healthy trees.


for Farming

Billy has spent his whole life working on a farm. His land has been in the family for generations and Billy is dedicated...

An image in blue, green, grey, and white tones showing a person in overalls holding a MultispeQ measurement up to a leaf of a corn plant in a corn field.

PhotosynQ Benefits



PhotosynQ allows you to connect and collaborate with other scientists across the world by joining projects and sharing measurements.



PhotosynQ allows you to access the application through

a desktop, supported android devices, and the web.


With a simple, efficient,

cost-effective handheld instrument, the possibilities are endless with PhotosynQ technology.


PhotosynQ provides inclusive help pages to assist in the

use and navigation of the MultispeQ, web app,

desktop app, and mobile


MultispeQ V 2.0 Instrument side view
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Our software makes it easy to accomplish your goals.

We’ve developed a program that is versatile, straightforward, and accessible - giving you the chance to easily create, share, or collaborate on projects.

Mobile App

The mobile app allows PhotosynQ users to access or join projects and take measurements in a field, greenhouse, growth chamber, or  lab.

The portability of the mobile app allows for efficient project contributions on the go.

Photo of an android phone showing a project on the PhotosynQ App. The Project is titled "Nitrogen Management in CA systems in Malawi (Plant). The overview of the project reads "Conservation agriculture (CA) is being widely promoted to smallholder farmers by many organizations in Malawi. CA is a set of three principles: 1) minimum soil disturbance (often no-till), 2) year round soil cover (residue reten-"

Desktop App

The desktop app allows users to take measurements in the lab while saving small scale experiments to the notebook. In addition, the app facilitates the development and testing of new protocols and macros.

A Picture of a laptop showing the homepage of a PhotosynQ User's Account on the website.

Web App

The web app assists users in analyzing and organizing data as well as creating new projects, collaborating with other users, and interacting with PhotosynQ technology and documentation.

A tablet showing the website of a PhotosynQ User.
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Start today with MultispeQ

Measure plant and environmental parameters with  a single inexpensive yet scientific-quality tool. 

A sideview of a hand with a watch on holding the MultispeQ V 2.0 measurement.
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