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Software should make it as easy as possible to accomplish your goals. We try to develop software that is flexible, simple, and open, giving you the chance to easily work and share your measurements and results

Mobile App

Android mobile devices can connect to the PhotosynQ instrument via Bluetooth. Out in the field, this app allows you to take measurements and contribute to Projects.

No internet connection? The app will cache your measurements until you do. Projects which require randomization will also benefit from the available preset sequences— guiding you through the field with the ability to increment project questions and reduce the amount of manual data input.

Instrument Connection Requirements:

      Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR


Desktop App


Some experiments are not done in the field or take a long time. These often use the Desktop app, which connects to PhotosynQ instruments via USB or Bluetooth.


This app allows you to contribute to Projects or use a Notebook to store single measurements and small experiments.  Browse existing content, join discussions, or develop your own measurement protocols and calculations with this app.

 Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

Micro-USB 2.0


Web App

This applications aids users in analyzing and organizing data as well as creating new projects, collaborating with other users, and interacting with PhotosynQ technology and documentation.


With step by step guidance while making projects, and user-friendly data organizational systems the web app is a breeze to use for beginners or professionals.


MultispeQ V 2.0

Compatible with all Software

and Packages


Updated Firmware 2.345


This new firmware will allow measurements to be made with further precision and speed - aiding you in your future projects. Not only will this update allow you to take advantage of improved measurements but it will also allow you to utilize the new CaliQ calibration protocols and ensure the continued stability of those measurements over time. 

Please remember to use the correct firmware for your instrument, read the calibration documentation, and have a CaliQ ready to recalibrate if you update. MultispeQ V1.0 will also require a MultispeQ V1.0 adapter, found in the store, to recalibrate. The firmware will download as a ZIP file so please be sure to unzip and save the firmware before attempting to upload it to your MultispeQ.

The new Photosynthesis RIDES 2.0 protocol can only be run with this firmware. Please read protocol descriptions to know if they are compatible with this Firmware. 

External Libraries and Packages

Your project analysis may require functions which exceed the services of the available tools, are not available on the web app, or that can handle very large amounts of data.

These offered packages allow you to access your data right from your tool chain without having to download the data through the website.You are in full control over the data and you have the ability to simply stay up to date with your analysis or copy your tool chain and use it with a different project as well as share it with others.

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