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PhotosynQ's latest product, LumiSynQ, provides superior customizable indoor-farming grow lights to meet your lighting needs


Product Features

Lighting Duration

  • Schedule long-days, short-days, or any combinations of lighting duration

  • Plan hours, days, or weeks of fluxuations


Programmable Lighting

  • Cool white LEDs can provide intensities up to 2000 µmoles/m^2 /s

  • Customizable supplementary light quality including UV and Far Red Wavelengths

  • Programmable to define your desired light intensity and duration


  • Similar to PhotosynQ's DEPI system, the LumiSynQ can be customized to the space you need

  • Sizing spans from 0.3 meters by 0.3 meters, 2 meters by 0.5 meters, and all others in between and beyond​

  • Have other customizations? Reach out to us and we'll find a solution for your needs


Learn More or Request a Quote by contacting us here:

Thank you for contacting us regarding LumiSynQ! We will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

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