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CaliQ Features

What is CaliQ?

CaliQ is a compact, inexpensive instrument that allows you to self-calibrate the MultispeQ instrument.

CaliQ makes it much easier to update to the latest firmware and also allows for custom calibration procedures.


One CaliQ device can calibrate multiple MultispeQ devices.

CaliQ calibrates the PAR light sensor and all PAR-emitting LEDs*.


This is particularly useful if you are conducting projects with multiple MultispeQs to ensure unbiased, accurate measurements.

No need to send ship MultispeQ devices!The new MultispeQ firmware will keep track of when devices are re-calibrated and alert you when calibration is needed.

Firmware support

The kit also includes updated calibration cards and methods for calibrating absorbance changes, SPAD and leaf thickness.

CaliQ makes updating the firmware easy because it incorporates the latest calibration technique and settings.


Future updates of the desktop app will provide information on when recalibration may be needed. This will keep your data accurate and reproducible.

In the box


SPAD Calibration Cards

CaliQ, USB and Protective Case

Getting Started With CaliQ

Easily begin calibrations by following the instructions for CaliQ found in the documentation here

Get a MultispeQ 

and start today!

Order the MultispeQ V2.0 with upgraded hardware that improves user experience and data capture speeds. Includes 6 mo. virtual support and a 6 mo. instrument warranty. 

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