CaliQ is a compact, inexpensive instrument that allows you to self-calibrate the MultispeQ instrument.


One CaliQ device can calibrate multiple MultispeQ devices.


This is particularly useful if you are conducting projects with multiple MultispeQs to ensure unbiased, accurate measurements.


When calibrating MultispeQ Version 1 with the CaliQ, make sure you have a MultispeQ Version 1 CaliQ adapter.


Find more information on calibration in the PhotosynQ Documentation.


CaliQ comes pre-calibrated by PhotosynQ and should be accurate for several months.CaliQ can be re-calibrated by PhotosynQ or with appropriate instruments by yourself.


No need to send ship MultispeQ devices! The new MultispeQ firmware will keep track of when devices are re-calibrated and alert you when calibration is needed.


CaliQ calibrates the PAR light sensor and all PAR-emitting LEDs*.


The kit also includes updated calibration cards and methods for calibrating absorbance changes, SPAD and leaf thickness.


CaliQ makes it much easier to update to the latest firmware and also allows for custom calibration procedures.


CaliQ makes updating the firmware easy because it incorporates the latest calibration technique and settings. 


Future updates of the desktop app will provide information on when recalibration may be needed. This will keep your data accurate and reproducible.


The COVID-19 Pandemic has strongly impacted our community and our companies. The impact has been especially hard on companies who are manufacturing electronic devices such as PhotosynQ. The global shortage of electronic components has presented us with some unexpected problems. First, the costs of key components have increased an average 50%. More challenging, some key components are simply not available, while others have lead times that have increased from weeks to more than 4 months!


Follow this link for an article from Deloitte that explains the impact of electronic manufactures on the global economy:


One way we are mitigating these problems is to redesign the device to use more available components. This solution will allow us to get the next batches of devices out in as short a time as possible, but at an added cost of design, testing, ordering of new stocks of components, updating firmware and instructions as needed. To accommodate these, we have no choice but to increase the prices for the instruments.


On a positive note, the modifications will allow us to more quickly add additional/improved capabilities. For example, we are very excited to be announcing soon our new rapid stomatal conductance version of the instrument! We hope to maintain our overall pricing strategy (“highest, most cost-effective, instruments for maximal impact”) as the global situation settles. Meanwhile, thank you for your understanding!


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at



MultispeQ Features


  • 5500 mAh internal battery, will last all day for typical use

  • Ergonomic design, right or left handed

  • Measure cuvette (algae) or leaf seamlessly


  • Available LEDs and detectors for spectroscopy

    448 nm, 530 nm, 590 nm, 655 nm (2x), 730 nm, 810 nm, 880 nm, 950 nm (2x)

    400-700 nm, 700-1150 nm

  • Automatically adds location and time stamp to all measurements

  • Ambient temperature ± 0.5 °C

  • Contactless leaf temperature ± 0.1 °C in the 30 - 40 °C range

  • Relative humidity ± 3 %

  • Barometric pressure ± 0.25 %

  • Measure leaf angle (wilt) and cardinal direction

  • External sensor connector for ultimate modability


  • Automatic firmware updates through Mobile or Desktop App

  • Optimized power management to reduce overall power consumption

  • Collected measurements will be cached, allowing you to take measurements in remote locations.

  • Data can be easily viewed and analyzed in your browser.

  • Libraries for advanced analysis in R or Python are available.


  • Measure fluorescence base parameters for plants and algae including ΦII, LEF, NPQ, qE, qI, qL, qPand absorbance based parameters like vH+, gH+, ECSt

  • Record abiotic factors including ambient temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and altitude as well as contactless leaf temperature, leaf angle and leaf direction

  • Flexible, system to create your own measurement protocols and code to analyse your data

  • Port for adding additional sensors (USB 3.0)





  • Android

  • Windows

  • Mac


Micro-USB 2.0



The instrument connects to the PhotosynQ network via mobile (Android) or desktop (PC or Mac) apps to collect measurements and save it to the online platform. There your measurements can be managed, analyzed, and shared with communities across the world.

In the box



Micro-USB Cable

Quick Start Manual

Facts and Specifications


  • Available LEDs and detectors for spectroscopy

    448 nm, 530 nm, 590 nm, 655 nm (2x), 730 nm, 810 nm, 880 nm, 950 nm (2x)