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Dynamic Environment
Photosynthesis Imager

DEPI can provide any scheme of lighting with real-time photography coupled with other facilities such as temperature changes, CO2/O2 concentrations, and any treatments to be tested in combination with the design features of commercial growth chambers

DEPI Features

LED specifications

  • High powered cool white LEDs

  • Actinic and saturating light

  • Rapid light intensity changes

  • Even light distribution across the chamber or room

  • Far-red lighting available from 720 to 735nm 

Fluorescence Imaging

  • Chlorophyll a fluorescence imaging

  • Fixed CCD cameras and LED pulsation

  • Continues imaging for individual plants

  • Parameters captured include: F0, FM, F’, FM’, F0’ and FM

  • Standard photosynthetic parameters are derived from these


  • Standard size: small frame of 50 x 80 cm

  • Custom sizes available for most growth chambers- contact us for more information!

Support and Maintenance

  • Normal calibrations and simple repairs performed as needed

  • Specialized training for your team 

  • Software updates 

  • Specialized and custom requests can be arranged

For quotes and more information on the DEPI system, feel free to contact us here:

Thank you for contacting us regarding DEPI! We will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

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