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July 2021: Multi-source UAV RS agro‑monitoring schemes designed for field‑scale crop phenotyping

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Today, we have the following study by Zhu et al. (2021) as our featured project. This project corresponds well with PhotosynQ's new SPAD only protocol released recently which can measure leaf relative chlorophyll in 2-3 seconds.

We hope you enjoy reading our selected study and testing our new staff-selected protocol.

Please stay safe and healthy! Best, PhotosynQ Team

Wanxue Zhu, Zhigang Sun, Yaohuan Huang, Ting Yang, Jing Li, Kangying Zhu, Junqiang Zhang, Bin Yang, Changxiu Shao, Jinbang Peng, Shiji Li, Hualang Hu, Xiaohan Liao

Optimization of multi‑source UAV RS agro‑monitoring schemes designed for field‑scale crop phenotyping

This study measured leaf chlorophyll concentration (LCC) using MultispeQ V2.0. Authors highlighted the MultispeQ as a device that can record LCC as a highly reproducible measurement. Authors converted LCC into LCC-actual (mg/kg) based on Zhu et al. (2020). Zhu et al. (2021) used y=9.6324e^0.029x to calculate LCC in maize using the empirical relationship developed in Zhu et al. (2020).

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

Figure 1. Measurements of LCC. (a): wheat; (b): maize using a MultispecQ v2.0; (c) field sampling for laboratory-based LCC measurement; (d) extraction of leaf chlorophyll ; (e) laboratory-based measurement of LCC; and (f) spectrophotometer used for laboratory-based LCC measurement.

Figure 2. The relationship between laboratory-based leaf chlorophyll content (LCC) (mg·kg−1) and MultispecQ-based LCC (unitless) of (a) wheat and (b) maize.

This study highlights the easy conversion from MultispeQ unitless LCC to mg/kg LCC through use of a crop specific pilot study.



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