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October 2022: Alternative responses of an AM-dependent plant to differed mycorrhizal inoculum

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We have the Plant Biology Research Article on the effect invasive plants have on soil arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and plant growth, P accumulation, root colonization, and more for our featured research project this month. This study explains the usefulness of using MultispeQ to compare photosynthetic responses under the influence of invasive plants on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. We hope you enjoy reading our selected news and please stay safe and healthy! Best, PhotosynQ Team

Origin makes a difference: Alternative responses of an AM-dependent plant to mycorrhizal inoculum from invaded and native soils under abiotic stress

A. Guisande-Collazo,L. González,P. Souza-Alonso

Invasive plant species can alter the natural compositions of soil arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal communities. This research team explored the growth, phosphorous accumulation, root colonization, and the photosynthetic responses of a native AM-dependent plant species, Plantago lanceolata. The plants were grown either with media containing AM fungi from communities invaded by Acacia dealbata or soil media from noninvaded AM fungi communities. Additionally, water scarcity and light restriction (shade) were used as treatments with AM for deeper understanding of the environmental effects.

The researchers used MultispeQ to measure the chlorophyll fluorescence parameters as photosynthetic responses to the treatments tested...

Table 1. An extract of the chlorophyll fluorescence parameter estimates under treatments applied. Means and standard errors are shown.

While non-invasive AM fungi communities did aid in plant biomass in optimal conditions, however, as can be seen in table 1, when the plants were exposed to stress plants tended to perform better or equally well with soils of invasive or non-invasive plants.

This project highlights the value of MultispeQ as a tool for non-destructive measurement of photosynthesis in plant response testing both to biotic, abiotic, and biotic-abiotic interactive stimuli.

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