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Before beginning your projects we recommend that you read our "Getting Started" documentation found at the button here, and check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge my MultispeQ?

Charge your MultispeQ by plugging in the provided cord into the right port on the back of the instrument. Then plug the USB side of the cord into any USB port to charge the MultispeQ for 8 hours before taking your first measurements. Always remember to close the green protective cover once you finish charging your instrument.

For more information on getting started, you can visit our help pages here.

How do I create an Account?

You can create an account or log in to your account by clicking the green button titled "Community Edition" at the top of this PhotosynQ website or by going to Once you create an account, confirm it through your email before continuing to use your MultispeQ.

How can I get the PhotosynQ App?

The PhotosynQ mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play store on your Android device or at this download button.  

The PhotosynQ desktop app can be downloaded from the software page here or on the software page of our website. 


Both are capable of connecting to your MultispeQ and taking measurements for projects but the mobile app is easier to use in field settings. For more information you can visit our help pages for mobile and desktop applications.

How do I create a Project?

Once you login to your account, you will be routed to your profile page where you can find a green button titled "New Project" under your profile picture and name. Clicking this button will allow you to customize a project for your usage and lead you step-by-step through choosing project questions, protocols, data-contributors, and more.

For more information you can read our documentation here.

What Protocol should I use in my Project?

If your MultispeQ has Firmware 1.22 to 2.34 you should use the protocol Photosynthesis RIDES.

If your MultispeQ has Firmware >2.34 you should use the protocol Photosynthesis RIDES 2.0. All MultispeQs shipped out 2022 onward will be in this category.

Both of these protocols are staff picked and created to provide you with the maximum number of parameters in the shortest amount of time.

For more information on Protocols you can read our help pages here.

How do I take a proper measurement?

To take a measurement while using the Photosynthesis RIDES or Photosynthesis RIDES 2.0 protocol, please use the following steps:

  1. Begin the measurement by clicking the corresponding "Measure" button on your mobile or desktop app. If you are working through a project, please keep in mind that you will have to answer all project questions before you will be able to start the measurement.

  2. Open and close the MultispeQ measurement area around your leaf of choice - only do this once to ensure the best measurement possible. The indicator light on the MultispeQ will help guide you in this action, it will begin rapidly flashing when you begin the measurement. When the MultispeQ is closed and the measurement begins, it should change to a solid blue light. 

  3. Wait until the measurement is finished and the data collected is displayed on the screen to unclamp the leaf. You will also know that the measurement is finished when the solid blue indicator light turns off.

How can I use my CaliQ?

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a new MultispeQ it does not need to be calibrated as it comes ready to use.

Before using your CaliQ please make sure that your MultispeQ is updated to a Firmware >2.34.

Then you can use the PhotosynQ desktop app to perform instrument calibrations with the automated Assistants located in the settings tab. These Assistants will guide you step by step on how to calibrate your MultispeQ with your CaliQ.

Please keep in mind that MultispeQ Version 1.0 requires a CaliQ adaptor found in the shop to be used with the CaliQ.

For further information on the CaliQ and calibrations, please refer to our documentation here and here.

How can I update my MultispeQ to Firmware >2.34?

To update your MultispeQ's firmware you will need to download the appropriate firmware for your instrument from the Software section of our website here

Then, using the PhotosynQ desktop app, you can connect your MultispeQ and select the Manual update button on the connection page. From there you can select the downloaded firmware and apply it to your MultispeQ.

You must perform a full recalibration after updating your Firmware, so make sure you have a CaliQ available if you choose to update your instrument.

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